Use of three aluminum alloys in Sterling Pacific bags


Sterling Pacific travel cases have a full aluminum construction, meaning that in addition to the 5052 aluminum body, we use die-cast A380 aluminum not only for the reinforced corners, but even for wheel housings, trolley housing and the trolley handle. These parts are typically made from plastic by other luggage manufacturers.

The travel cases are constructed from three different types of aluminum: The body of the case is pressed from 5052 aluminum sheets.

The exterior frame that keeps the suitcases together has been extruded from 6063 aluminum.

The fortified load-taking corners of the suitcase, as well as the wheel and trolley housings of the Sterling Pacific cases, have been die-cast from A380 aluminum.

Even the wheel caps of the oversized dual-wheels are from die-cast aluminum.

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Sterling Pacific

Sterling Pacific manufactures full aluminum, dual-wheel travel cases with reinforced A380 aluminum corners.